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Water treatment systems using electrodeionisation (EDI)

Regeneration using electrochemical processes: EDI

Electrodeionisation is often used downstream of a reverse osmosis unit. This process “refines” the partially demineralised water,  in order to ensure very low electrical conductivity and low levels of silicic acid. This process is also referred to as polishing.

The water quality in systems with electrodeionisation is characterised, in particular, by low electrical conductivity and low silicic acid levels.

For further information, visit: EnviroFALK electrodeionisation (EDI) process

EnviroFALK Umkehrosmoseanlage mit Elektrodeionisierung (EDI). Beispielhafte Darstellung.

EnviroFALK electrodeionisation offers tangible benefits:

  • Available in various sizes
  • Various flow capacities and materials
  • Various chamber systems and resin fillings
  • Regeneration is performed by applying electric fields