Water treatment equipment
for the automotive sector
Economical and environmentally friendly.

Water treatment in the automotive industry

Putting performance on the road.

We have been the experts for the automotive industry and automotive suppliers for many years. Water is a crucial part of the production process in car manufacturing. It is indispensable, because all components need to be carefully cleansed of any residues before they can be installed.

Large amounts of deionised water are required for painting surfaces to guarantee completely residue-free drying and achieve perfect results. Pure water is also required for the preparation of cooling lubricants. These are just a few examples from a wide range of applications, all of which show that our water treatment systems can do a lot – to help you put performance on the road.

Good reasons to talk to us.

1. You want to reduce your operating costs.

Nothing could be easier! The key lies in the sustainable use of process water in the processing cycle. Find out more about our pure water recirculation systems.

2. You want to achieve the best results after cleaning in processing and cleaning baths.

That’s not all! We also extend the service life of your active and cleaning baths. Achieve consistently excellent results by permanently cleaning and removing oils, fats and particles from the water in the baths. Find out more about our bath treatment solutions.

3. You have the highest standards of cleanliness – from the very beginning.

Of course you do, because it is absolutely essential for your manufacturing process. If you wish, we can build your new system in our clean room. Need your system to be made under ultra-clean conditions? No problem for us!

4. You don't just want standard quality – you want more!

That's perfect, because EnviroFALK systems are highly customised. Need alternative piping options? We also offer PP with infrared welding (IR) or PVDF with bead and crevice-free welding (BCF). Is space limited? We make the most of every centimetre available for your treatment system. Find out about the wide range of possibilities for customising your new water treatment system.

5. You need reliability.

Over 30 years of experience and expertise in a wide range of industries, long-term partnerships and a specially trained service team at sites all over Germany and Switzerland impress many prestigious customers with fascinating brands on a daily basis – all of these are hallmarks of trust. We know our business, and we do it right and conscientiously, focusing on what helps you as a company, so that you are on the safe side.