Water treatment units
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We’re right in the flow of things when it comes to water in your industry.

Water treatment – so critical and convincing.

If you need treated water, then you’ve come to the right place, because we know your industry, your requirements and what makes you tick. Let us work together to work out the details and develop the optimum water treatment system for you. What added value can we offer? We know that water treatment isn’t just about water quality. There's much more to it: environmentally friendly solutions that reduce water consumption, low operating costs, reliable technology for maximum production reliability and, of course, service you can rely on.

We’re right in the flow of things when it comes to water in your industry. What can we do for you?


1. Industries

Your requirements on your water treatment system are as unique as your industry. EnviroFALK provides you with advice from experts who understand your specific applications inside out.

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2. Systems and processes

Whether you need a compact or customised water treatment plant, have limited space, need a containerized or rental unit, or special piping, we have the perfect solution – you can rely on us!.

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3. Services

You have purchased a first-class quality water treatment system, so it goes without saying that you will receive first class, customer-oriented service. Whether you prefer individualised services or the entire package: we are your one-stop service shop for tailor-made service contracts with 24-hour call service, original spare parts, repair work, conversions, or regeneration of ion-exchange resins.

Good to know: With our service team of over 50 trained service technicians, we can reach you as quickly as possible from our locations throughout Germany to to give you the reliability you need to ensure trouble-free operation of your production facility.

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4. Ion exchange

Water, which is often treated using ion exchangers, is a decisive quality criterion in your operating processes. See the wide range of applications for EnviroFALK ion exchange cartridges in trade and industry.

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5. Customers & solutions

As a provider of water treatment solutions, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We apply all of our expertise, experience and enthusiasm to achieve this. We create sustainable solutions for all of our customers, regardless of industry and company size.

Take a look at some real-life examples.

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6. Trade fairs and events

If you’re looking for solutions in the field of water treatment, talk to us in person at our trade fairs and events to experience our genuine enthusiasm.
Interaction, communication and information – trade fairs and events are ideal opportunities for personal encounters. We look forward to forthcoming events and invite you to join us.

Please contact us if you need an entrance ticket.

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