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Using water intelligently

For more than 30 years, EnviroFALK has been designing and manufacturing perfectly fitting water treatment systems for a wide range of industries! Be it in the glass, optical, automotive industries, in watchmaking, tool and mould making, power generation, canteens and commercial kitchens or in hospitals, laboratories and medical technology: prestigious customers and institutions with leading brands rely on EnviroFALK process, pure and ultrapure water technology.

Get expert advice and first-class service on your water treatment needs – before, during and after making your decision.

Industry & businesses

Critical and convincing: EnviroFALK water treatment systems for selected industries and businesses.

Laboratory & medical technology

Pure and complex: EnviroFALK pure and ultrapure water systems for hospitals, laboratory and medical technology applications.

Ion exchange cartridges and units

EnviroFALK ion exchange for water softening, demineralisation and partial demineralisation.

Be creative and win!

True to our motto - using water intelligently - we make many things possible. But walking on water requires a lot of creativity, even for us.
How do you and your loved ones get on well in the water? How do you use the water? We are looking for ideas, as pictures or short films - from self-made to self-bought.
We'll be giving away a stand-up paddle board and 25 practical cooler bags for your next outing among all the entries.

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EnviroFALK water treatment for industry and business

EnviroFALK water treatment plants for industry and business with their process water technology are as unique as your industry. Because we know that water treatment isn’t just about water quality. There's much more to it: environmentally friendly solutions that reduce water consumption, low operating costs, reliable technology for maximum production reliability and, of course, service you can rely on. Whether you need a compact or customised water treatment plant, have limited space, need a containerized or rental unit, or special piping, we have the perfect solution when it comes to water treatment plants for industry and business.

EnviroFALK pure and ultra-pure water for laboratories, hospitals & medical technology

EnviroFALK pure and ultra-pure water for laboratories, hospitals & medical technology are based on extensive know-how, many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry and users. Values that are more important now than ever before. Whether you need a compact or customised water treatment system, have limited space, or need special piping – we have the perfect solution, so you can rely on us! Whether you’re a manufacturer, planning office, technical planner or architect, we work with you to develop solution concepts for pure and ultrapure water treatment for general and specific laboratory applications, central sterile supply departments (CSSD), washer-disinfectors (WD), clinical analysis equipment

EnviroFALK ion exchange cartridges and units

EnviroFALK ion exchange. In water treatment, dissolved salts are removed from the water by ion exchange. The ion exchange process is often used for water softening, partial demineralisation and demineralisation. The conditioning of process water, boiler feed water, rinsing water, pure and ultra-pure water is often performed using combinations of processes together with ion exchange. Depending on which ions need to be exchanged, a distinction is made between cation exchange, anion exchange and mixed bed ion exchange. Have a look to EnviroFALK ion exchange cartridges and units.